1. picturesprovedithappened:

    Good friend and talented artist @tomburghardt got four of his bikes stolen out of his garage in Hayward. Check out his instagram for details.

  3. aces5050:

    REW10 Crank (by Ryota Kemmochi)

    (via maroknee)

  4. thestylebuff:

    René Louis Théodore Herse

    (via hm7)

  5. rivbike:

    Scott just finished up his build of the month. Or maybe build of the every coupla months. Either way it’s really nice and ready to go.

    Click me to see


  6. BQ Spring 2014 by Duncan Cycles on Flickr.

    BQ Spring 2014

  7. Wind and Fire by Winter Bicycles on Flickr.

    Wind and Fire

  8. *FAIRWEATHER* b903 bullmoose bar by Blue Lug on Flickr.

    *FAIRWEATHER* b903 bullmoose bar

  9. Turn around by protorio on Flickr.

    Turn around

  10. Chris King Sotto Voce by Cycles J Bryant on Flickr.

    Chris King Sotto Voce