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    Food on travel. @pedalinn

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    Today I got some bad news. Tom Teesdale died of a heart attack while riding his bike on Ragbrai in Iowa. Tom has quietly built thousands of bikes for hundreds of different bike companies. He built early Gary Fishers, the Kona Hot and his own custom frames through the hay day of mountain bikes. Tom’s shop was 4 doors down from my first girlfriend’s house in West Branch, Iowa and I spent a lot of time watching him work as a bike racing teenager. My first custom frame was built by Tom in 1995 and I raced for years on that frame. I will be thinking of Tom, his family and his contributions to the bike world today. Peace.

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    Mmmm peterwhitecycles order. Also hey Emily your light is in! (at Kenton Liquor Store)

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    The Thru-Axle Days Are Here (by collideous)

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    (This Brooks Bike Saddle Is Made From Recycled Denim | Cool Materialから)

    What’s is the worst possible material to make a saddle from? Nailed it.

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    BDB Pelican in camel mode.

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    Chris’s Soma Wolverine